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AnaGram V2.01 LALR-1 Parser Generator
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The trial copy is a fully functional version of AnaGram 2.01, valid for thirty days. Parsifal Software is no longer in business but the trial copy is still being made available at this time.

The download file is approximately 1.4MB. Download time is approximately seven to eight minutes with a 28.8kb modem.

Note that the fully licensed, commercial version of AnaGram differs from this trial copy in the following ways:
  • It includes the AnaGram User's Guide, a 230 page reference manual.
  • It includes a command line interface for use in MAKE files.
  • You may distribute generated code freely with no royalties.

Please note that the trial copy of AnaGram is copyrighted material and is provided for purposes of evaluation and familiarization only. Any other use is forbidden under international copyright law.

If you have any problems with your trial copy of AnaGram, please let us know at:

To install, just unzip into a convenient directory. If you use PKUNZIP, use the -d option to preserve the directory structure.

Introductory documentation is available starting in readme.htm or html\index.htm.

AnaGram itself runs on Win32 platforms, but the resulting C/C++ parsers will run on nearly any platform. To run AnaGram,

To download the AnaGram V2.01 trial copy, please complete the form below. Press the "Submit Request" button to start downloading. Press "Reset" to start over. Please be patient since it may take a minute after pressing the request button before download begins.

(Starred items are required information.)

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